IRI is the first accredited body in Lebanon (since 2004) and the only organization on National level to cover a wide scope for both testing and calibration (more than 350 accredited methods) for the fields of activities detailed below:

  • Microbiological testing
    • Food and animal feeding stuff
    • Water for human consumption and waste water
    • Cosmetics, wet wipes and baby diapers Chemical and physico-chemical testing
    Chemical and physico-chemical testing
    • Food and animal feeding stuff
    • Water for human consumption, waste water
    • Vegetable oils
  • Physico-chemical and rheological testing
    • Grains and flour
    • Sampling of cereals, grains, pulses, feed, milled products and by products in bulk and sac
  • Environmental and electrical testing
    • Household electrical appliances and audio-video
    • Power transformers, power supply, plugs and sockets and circuit breakers
    • Illuminating source, luminaires, incandescent lamps and self-ballasted lamps
    • Lead acid batteries
  • Mechanical testing
    • Cement
    • Ceramic tiles
  • Mechanical calibration
    • Masses
    • Balance

Click on the link below to view the Accreditation certificate and scope.

  Accreditation Certificate